Admissions Information

Join our school family

At Barford we are very proud of our special school community, and we’d love to invite your child to join the Barford Family.

You can get a flavour of life at Barford on our explore our school page, but please do contact the school office to arrange for a tour of our beautiful school.

Please select below if your child will be joining Barford in Reception or another year group to see how your child can join the special Barford family.

As a Community School, we follow the Norfolk County Council policy for admissions to schools.

Children usually join the Barford family at the beginning of the Autumn Term in the year before their fifth birthday.

Admissions to school are co-ordinated by the Admissions team at County Hall, and parents of all children who are due to start school will receive a booklet and link to the online preference system directly from Norfolk County Council.  However, please do contact our school office if we can be of any assistance. 

To help ensure your child can join the Barford family from the start of their school journey, please select Barford as your first choice school.

Whilst children do sometimes gain a place if they select Barford as choice 2, due to the way the admissions system works,  this is less likely.  In the event that more children wish to join the Barford family at the start of reception than we have space for, the criteria in our admissions policy will be applied by Norfolk County Council.

For all the information relating to school admissions, and to make your application for your child to join the Barford family for their start of their school journey, please visit the Norfolk Schools Admission website.

We’d love for your child to join our school family, and can welcome children into the Barford School community in any year group.   This is dependent on year group capacity.

Please contact the school office in the first instance, who will be able to guide you through the process required to join our school.

Partnership Schools

Barford Primary School
Chapel Street, Barford, Norwich, NR9 4AB

The Bawburgh School
Hockering Lane, Bawburgh, NR9 3LR