Sensational Summer Series- Sport and Wellbeing

Multi-Sports Day Review

By Molly, Anna, Isabelle and Francesca YR5

On Friday 23rd our school had a multi-sports day

We all had lots of fun when we got to do fun sports all day. All year groups were included.

Some of the activities we did were yoga, tri-golf, promotion party and a chat about healthy relationships.

Day was a chance to get our energy high and learn new skills, we  also found new interesting sports we might of not not known we liked.


We had a range of tri-golf activities such as chipping the ball, practise ground, the “grand national” and simple putting.


In Yoga we challenged ourselves with tricky positions but also did calming ones
too with relaxing music witch made us want to fall asleep

Promotion Party

In the promotion party we had a chance to do sports but celebrate about the
victory that Norwich City Football Team getting promoted. We got taught
football skills with fun games.

Healthy Relationships

In this session Jake came into our classroom and talked about healthy relationships, we talked about how to get along with our teammates and classmates also get resolve conflict.

Resilience Challenges

The KS1 did some resilience challenges involving some underarm throwing to hit a
target and much more fun.

Some KS2   Quotes

YR5: “During football I felt inspiring”

YR6: “I kept missing the ball in tri-golf but I kept on trying”

YR5: “It was enjoyable, I got to activities that I never did before”

YR5: “When I did football I felt like a champion..”

Partnership Schools

Barford Primary School
Chapel Street, Barford, Norwich, NR9 4AB

The Bawburgh School
Hockering Lane, Bawburgh, NR9 3LR