Our School Vision

Nurturing, Motivating, Inspiring

Our vision is to be a supportive and nurturing school community where children are motivated to achieve and are inspired to continue learning in the future.

Mission Statement

Barford Primary School nurtures its pupils by:

  • Listening to them and modelling a culture of respect and empathy.
  • Providing a secure environment at school from which pupils can explore, challenge themselves and take risks.
  • Engaging with families and fostering strong relationships with parents and carers.
  • Caring for all pupils as individuals through the excellent practice and dedication of skilled, compassionate staff.
  • Promoting and maintaining high standards of behaviour across the school.

Barford Primary School motivates its pupils by:

  • Providing support for all, which encourages, reassures and sets no limits.
  • Celebrating achievement and effort through rewards and positive praise.
  • Having high expectations for academic achievement across all subjects.
  • Modelling core values and teaching life skills which form the foundations for success.

Barford Primary School inspires its pupils by:

  • Providing a rich and challenging learning experience.
  • Offering opportunities to shine throughout the curriculum.
  • Following a question-led, enquiry-based curriculum which is shaped by pupils’ knowledge.
  • Promoting challenge and risk-taking embedded within a growth mindset approach to learning.
  • Celebrating individuality, championing difference and encouraging opinion.

Our Values

Barford Primary is proud to be a values based school, with values at its heart. 
Our values are Trust, Empathy, Love, Respect and Resilience.

Partnership Schools

Barford Primary School
Chapel Street, Barford, Norwich, NR9 4AB


The Bawburgh School
Hockering Lane, Bawburgh, NR9 3LR